• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS- 'Getting Over It' - Counterfeit.

Photo Credit: Tom Lee

Transatlantic quartet Counterfeit were built from, and often characterised by, the allure of some secret, misty underworld from which they seemed to have arisen. Playing tiny basement venues across the UK and Europe, dripping both theatrical mystique and sweat in equal measure, they were a stark contrast to the arguably sanitised world of modern punk rock. The band was, in part, a form of catharsis for frontman Jamie Campbell-Bower, giving him a medium through which to exorcise his past demons of addiction and poor mental health. Now that their lyricist is, thankfully, in a far better place in his life, has the band's art suffered?

Absolutely not.

On the contrary, their new single, 'Getting Over It', is proof that you can still maintain your debonaire devilry, and look forward to a brighter, healthier future. The low growl of the bass in the opening moments is dripping with razor sharp swagger, while the swooping hook into the chorus is enough to draw your raised fist irrepressibly into the air! The guitar solo in the bridge begs to be accompanied by big hair and explosive pyro, yet lyrically, the track deals with a lighter subject matter than much of their debut record. Rather than indulging in the alluring darkness, this is a band gazing skywards towards the fragments of sky above their dark alleyway, dreaming of better days to come. The balance is struck perfectly, proving you can still be leather clad and dangerous without indulging in self-perpetuating misery. This is empowerment in its purest - and rockiest! - form.

Check out the audio video for 'Getting Over It' below, and stream the track on Spotify here.


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