• Naomi Sanders


This year of 2020 has not been one expected as barely any shows happened, so a lot of fans, unfortunately, could not see their favourite artists and bands due to the pandemic. However, whilst some bands have live-streamed gigs and others have released more music, English literature and horror movie enthusiasts ICE NINE KILLS have decided to do both, organising a Halloween livestream show, The Silver Stream, and a live album, I Heard They KILL Live!!!, both happening 30th October. So is this live album the needed remedy for the lack of shows this year has left us with? 

This live album is recorded in their show in The Worcester Palladium from 30th November 2019, where the setlist includes all the tracks from the band’s last two albums, The Silver Scream and Every Trick In The Book, as well as including the fan favourite ‘The Fastest Way To A Girl’s Heart Is Through Her Ribcage’ from their early work. The live atmosphere means that the fun audience interactions are included, as well as extra sound clips and additions like Mickey Mouse in “IT Is The End”, obviously poking fun from the Disney situation when they were banned last year. But the energy from the show remains here in the album, as the production recorded is really well-done, everything is heard clearly and still holds the same energy from their live shows, each song done very well in a live setting, and still fun to hear, even if you’re not in a venue.

Overall, as live albums go, it’s a fantastic listen for those who missed out on their tour last year, and for those who miss seeing this quintet live. Once the livesteam finishes on the 30th, put this album on, get some flashing lights and a fan, close your eyes and pretend that you are watching them live. Gigs will be back soon, and this album is a great way to help with that withdrawal. Worth picking up.

I Heard They KILL Live!!! is out 30th October

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