• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS: Indie-pop powerhouses Gloss release new single 'Play Myself Again'

Sometimes, your emotions can be your own worst enemy - you can fool yourself into thinking your feelings for someone are reciprocated, and in turn cause yourself pain when the illusion is shattered. Private emotional experiences such as these are rarely ones we share with the world; however, the members of Philadelphia-based indie pop group Gloss are taking a brave step into the spotlight and examining these emotions in their new track 'Play Myself Again'.

The track itself is shimmery and slick in tone, the verses bounce merrily along in an atmosphere of sunny tranquilly, though with a hidden sense of Lily Allen-esque acidity buried deep at it's core. Musically, the track is far from bursting with instrumentation, but that stripped-back sensibility masks the true depth of the layers of jazz-infused funk that bubble beneath the surface. However, the introduction of the chorus catches you completely off-guard all at once, as the melody and vocal line seemingly become detached and float off in opposing directions - accurately reflecting that moment when the balmy happiness that comes with newfound love fizzles away like ripples on water. Bright and poppy it may be, but conventional? Absolutely not.

Check out 'Play Myself Again' below:

'Play Myself Again' is available to stream here:



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