• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Jerusalem' - Jack and Sally

For a band whose name is derived from only the second-most famous line from that transcendent blink 182 song, one could be forgiven for thinking that the kind of rowdy pop punk that they have produced with recent singles would be their strong suit. However, on their latest track 'Jerusalem', London's Jack and Sally are out to prove to everybody just how wrong that assumption is!

Anthemic from the outset, this track is far darker than the band's previous two singles, 'Love and Riot' and 'Confused'. It captures the very personal emotional turmoil that the conflict surrounding the city of Jerusalem has caused; guitarist Josh comments that the track: 'touches on the subjects' love for the city and how people have twisted religion to try and claim it for their various purposes'. It certainly feels like being caught in a rollicking tidal wave, with more dynamic changes than you can shake a stick at! From the haunting opening vocal plea, accompanied by marching drums pulsing in the background; to a wailing guitar solo that any emo rock outfit would be proud of, this track is much more like the offspring of The Rasmus or Placebo than SoCal pop punk! Even when the chugging guitar lines dive into play in the third quarter, in a twist that shouldn't work with the grandiose opening, the sense of pace and panic is only heightened - a balancing act that one cannot help but be impressed by!

In all, 'Jerusalem' feels as monolithic as the Wailing Wall itself. Bearing the brunt of tragic melancholy perfectly, it has the potential to be an absolute game changer for this young band!

Check out 'Jerusalem' for yourself here:

Stream the track on Spotify now, along with Jack and Sally's other two recent singles, 'Confused' and 'Love and Riot':


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