• Sadie Maude

LOUDER REVIEWS: "Learning to Cope with Guilt" - Luke Rainsford

Emo-influenced singer-songwriter Luke Rainsford has recently released their poignant new single 'Learning to Cope with Guilt'.

In their own words, this is their "most vulnerable song to date" and looks back on the hardships in their life, reflecting on how far they have come.

It is a delicate acoustic song with silky vocals that are absolutely bursting with emotion. The vocals detail the hurdles they have overcome in life and radiates growth and acceptance. One of the most important messages in this song is that everyone has flaws, but everyone is capable of being a better version of themselves. It is an incredibly deep track, but don’t let this deter you: it is polished, yet filled with raw feelings that make it even more real and relatable.

'Learning to Cope with Guilt' kicks off Luke’s musical journey for 2021 and signifies the beginning of a path of self-discovery, leaving us eager for more.

Check out the music video for 'Learning to Cope with Guilt' here:


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