• Courtney Peterson

LOUDER REVIEWS: ‘let go of your love’ - Thousand Below

Over the course of the last few months, post-hardcore band Thousand Below have been busy in their native San Diego creating this acoustic/remix EP, which includes a new song - the title track - followed by reimagined versions of four songs from their last album, 'Gone In Your Wake'. Recording from home, they enlisted Sumner Peterson of Dead Lakes to feature on the second track, ‘chemical’, which is accompanied by a new music video. This track and ‘lost between’ are remixes with a chilled-out pop feel, whilst the rest are simple acoustic versions which will be especially enjoyed by people who are familiar with the 2019 album. Even as a stand-alone EP, though, ‘let go of your love’ tells a heartfelt, well-flowing story and is a gratifying listen.

The title track tells of ’the need to move on from someone who was once the most important person in your life, but won't be part of your future’, according to the band. The only completely new song on the EP, it is evident that this was written to be an acoustic song from the get-go. Its lyrics and vocalist James Deberg’s voice show that this band are absolutely capable of producing a variety of music without compromising on the quality.

The EP ‘let go of your love’ was released on 21st August via Rise Records. Listen here:

Watch the music video for the EO's title track here:


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