• Sadie Maude

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Live At Brixton' - DMA'S

This time last year, iconic Aussie indie band the DMA’S were gearing up to play their first ever show in the UK - the opening slot at London’s Brixton Academy.

Almost a year to the day later, on the 5th of March, they are presenting us with 'Live At Brixton', a live recording of the sell-out show; an album that holds a whole new significance after the events of 2020.

Speaking about the album, the DMA’S said: “This is totally emblematic of the support that has grown overseas, and we are ever grateful for. It’s still the greatest show we have ever played, and we will never forget that night.”

The roaring of the crowd captures your attention from the first second of 'Feels Like 37'. If you’re missing live music, this is the album for you! You’re instantly hit with the overwhelming nostalgia of hearing your favourite artists live and it is guaranteed to bring a lump to your throat. It is a completely euphoric opener, and at this point you already know that this album will be one hell of a rollercoaster!

Tommy O’Dell’s harmonic vocals really shine through on 'Silver', a clear fan favourite despite it being newly released at the time. The crowd singing along at full volume is sure to give you the chills, something which is repeated in killer single 'The Glow'.

Along with 'Delete' and 'In The Air' comes a momentary breather from the otherwise lively set. The screams of excitement from the fans say it all; these songs are belters! The crowd sing along with a heart-warming passion that echoes throughout the venue, making them definite head-turning tracks. The energy of both the fans and the DMA’S does not falter for a second throughout the album, and with fan favourite 'Lay Down' comes an unmistakeable rush. There’s something about the electricity of the riffs in this song that awaken something within you! 'Lay Down' is the perfect reflection of that anthemic sound of the DMA’S that we have all missed so much!

Live albums can sometimes be a bit hit or miss, but 'Live At Brixton' is offering live music at a time when we miss it the most. Not only does it commemorate a phenomenal moment in the DMA’S' musical careers, but it also represents all that we have missed and what we are so eagerly hoping for in 2021.

The DMA'S' latest album 'Live At Brixton' is out on the 5th of March via Infectious Music - pre-order a physical copy or pre-save the record here:

Check out the video for fan favourite 'Lay Down' here:


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