• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER REVIEWS: Milk Teeth - Milk Teeth

What are the options when it comes to a second album after making an impressive impression with the first? Change up the sound to show progression in music, or keep it the same to please those who liked the first? This was the predicament that faced Gloucester grunge band, Milk Teeth. After the success of their debut album, Vile Child, a few lineup changes and bouncing around with different labels meant that the next effort would take a while to perfect. Now with Em Foster and Jack Kenny, Becky Blomfield can take the band forward with their self-titled record. So, how did this group do with the new Milk Teeth on 'Milk Teeth'?

If you came to this album expecting grunge, don’t worry, the grunge sound remains intact, especially the strong bass sound within all of the songs. Solid rhythms throughout and guitar riffs that are memorable and sound fantastic. There is a harsh sound when needed as well as a soft sound when required to match the intended mood. However, there are a few songs that sound very similar to each other and blend into each other too well that it’s hard to differentiate between the songs. 

On the other hand, the vocals and lyrics are what helps to make each song unique. Songs like “Sharks”, “Medicine”, “Dilute” and “Destroyer” have very interesting and unique styles of writing within their lyrics. The second half of the album picks up more than the first half, but that’s not to say the first half is terrible. There seems to be more ideas explored in songs after the halfway point, specifically with vocals and lyrics. For example, the vocal layers in “Medicine” add a stunning level of beauty that create a stunning painting of music. 

In conclusion, there’s a lot of strong ideas explored within this album, and the band have done a brilliant job in furthering their artistic craft. However, there is so much room that the band could do to explore it further, especially within the musical layers. Not bad, in fact, it is a really well-done album, but there’s a lot of unused potential leftover.

'Milk Teeth' is out now via Music For Nations/Sony

Check out the video for 'Better', below: