• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER REVIEWS: Of Mice & Men - Timeless Review

Of Mice & Men unleash a whole new power in 2021 with ferocious vocals, thrashing guitars and thumping drums as they prepare to release their first of three EPs, Timeless. The EP saw it’s inception via early lockdown twitch streams, evenings that allowed the band to create remotely with some of their closest fans listening in. The 4 piece hailing from California, who recently made the move to Sharptone records, start with the first EP of a trilogy that will meet its climax, in the latter part of 2021 and will result in the band's seventh studio album.

The trio of songs feels like the band's most dynamic tracks to date, kicking off with title track Timeless, there’s a tense atmosphere. Eagle eyed fans were quick to notice the key riff from the track as it featured heavily in the early twitch streaming days. Drumming from Valentino Arteaga, is clean and crisp, nothing shy of the effort that has gone into albums previous and makes up for the shortness of the EP. The track is immersive and it’s easy to get lost in vocalist Aaron Pauley’s low growls, vocals that put him up there with the metalcore gods, these are the best we’ve had so far and his talent is growing exponentially.

Coming in quickly with juggernaut riffs, guitarists Alan Ashby and Philip Manansala battle as gutturals from Pauley echo through and through Obsolete. The quartet’s musical growth is evident and really places them amongst the best in metal, proving that the loss of ex-frontman Austin Carlile has done nothing but the world of good for the band. Constantly stepping up, the track becomes an ear worm with a catchy hook and ringing melody. The culminating track comes in the form of Anchor, this may be the shiner of the three. A track with homages to post-hardcore and influences of early emo, it’s a poignant moment and feels immersive. The three tracks are each unique but so cohesive in the same mind, showing the sheer brilliance from Of Mice & Men, proving everything they’ve learnt over the years. This is certainly the start of their best work to date. It’s thrilling, a 12 minute rollercoaster of emotions and influences from bands like Slayer through to Thrice and everything in between. To put it simply: straight fire.