• Charlotte Claber


Released on the 14th anniversary of Count Your Blessings, Bring Me The Horizon now present POST HUMAN: SURVIVAL HORROR a feisty EP that encapsulates the band's work to date. Early influences are heard echoed through opener Dear Diary, a track that feels like an ode to the past. Fans are excited from the outset as it rips open with thrashing guitars and vocals reminiscent of Oli Sykes’ transition from There Is a Hell through to milestone record Sempiternal.

Parasite Eve was a well thought out release, a tribute to a pandemic that has had the world wrapped up, it expresses an anger at a system that has failed us. “THIS IS A WAR”. Released to capture old fans and get them excited for the EP that was soon to come. Having been created via facetime by the band during a global pandemic, the EP captures a moment in time, a commentary on a situation that has caught us all off guard. Teardrops was the culminating single before the release and has the electric energy that has jolted through all the singles to date. A head banger with some great technical playing from Lee Malia.

Obey introduces us to the first of the friends that Bring Me The Horizon have enlisted for some assistance. Pop loud mouth, Yungblud bounces in with his Yorkshire accent, complimenting Sykes’ raw vocal, the two create a clash and an energy that was unexpected but understandably works. A crowd song with layered vocals in the chorus, there’s no doubt that when live shows are back, this is going to be a highlight of the bands set.

Itch For The Cure (When Will We Be Free?) is the perfect interlude into Kingslayer, a track that brings Babymetal on board for a kawaii metal fusion, a track that roars with ardour and has cybergoth energy. (cyberdog trip anyone?). Babymetal really take centre stage in this track, their vocals are hard not to smile at but the musicianship from BMTH is hard to argue with. Drums from Mat Nicholls provide the perfect spine for this EP.

Moving on to 1x1 the band champion new talents Nova Twins, the band are signed to Fever 333’s 333 Wreckords, and if you haven’t checked them out - you really are missing out on some great British flair. The two piece hailing from London exude passion and fire in their music and performances and they’ve stepped it up another notch for this special feature. What is great to see is Bring Me The Horizon’s belief in new british music that has been seen on this record and their last EP Music To Listen To ~ when they featured Scottish hardcore metal in the form of Lotus Eater. Ludens again was a perfect single, a real moment that has you wanting to dance and it’s truly what we need in times like these. The penultimate track before the chilling and beautiful closer One Day The Only Butterflies Left Will Be In Your Chest As You March Towards Your Death. A mouthful to say but it’ll leave you speechless with vocalist Amy Lee of Evanescence featuring. Who knew the word “fucking” could sound so beautiful. The flaw of this track is the fact that Sykes’ passioned vocal simply doesn’t compare to the pain in Lee’s, the melancholy is haunting but what a finish to a genre-bending EP.