• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER REVIEWS: Press To MECO - Transmute

Since the bands start, Press To MECO have only grown strength to strength since first album, Good Intent, back in 2015, and earlier with their EPs. Signing to Marshall Records, and the addition of Jake Crawford to the lineup, the band worked hard on this third album, despite setbacks, continued to produce the best they could. Now that Transmute is complete, does this hard work pay off?

Paid off in full and then some! This definitely has some of the best work that Press To MECO have done, elevated with industrial elements mixed into each of the tracks, as well as each member giving it their all in various sections of the tracks. From the opening track "Transmute"; showcasing these industrial sounds to the first song on the album, “Another Day”, the album has shown within its first two tracks that its sound is heavy and gritty for the listener. Not just in the music, but also in the lyrics, as they cut deep and give a realistic view to what is needed in the music world.

The bands use a lot of interesting metaphors in their lyrics, like in “Smouldering Sticks”, “Lead”, and “Gold”, stating lyrics about painting lead to make it gold, using sticks to touch the fire instead of their own hands, etc. This is an example of their trio’s talents to transform words into their thoughts and feelings about life. Instead of sticking with the usual formula, the group create their own and develop them within their own style. Other tracks like “Sabotage” and “Rusty Nails” are more examples of their lyrical transformation, exhibiting their songwriting capabilities in more themes and styles, as well the possibilities that they can do after this album.

Musically, it’s a well done and eclectic-sounding album, exploring a lot more sounds within each element. Not just with the industrial elements added to each of the tracks, but for example in “Lead”, the song uses a smooth Rhumba rhythm throughout the track that flows excellently, with the lyrics delivering the feelings in the song eloquently. “Way To Know”, is funky, jammy, and expressive in all the best ways possible. All elements of the music come together with the lyrics to make this one of Press To MECO’s best songs in their discography.

Overall, Transmute shows how the band keep getting better and better with their songwriting, musical talent, and performance ability on each release. Despite events within the world, the band show that they can still deliver their best work and continue to transform the music-scope with their eclectic styles and ingenious harmonies with each of these tracks. 13 may be considered an unlucky number, but within this album, it’s the perfect number for the band to express themselves fully within their music. Another great album for 2021.

Transmute is out August 20th!