• Simone Barton

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Pulling Focus' - Action/Adventure

Chicago-made band Action/Adventure have set the pop-punk world ablaze with their latest EP 'Pulling Focus'. As a band comprised of all BIPOC members, they have used their platform and musical talents to speak about the prejudices they have all faced in the alt music scene, something that is often ignored.

EP opener 'Barricades' had been making an impact on social media months prior to the release of 'Pulling Focus', racking up tens of thousands of views on TikTok and YouTube due to the powerful music video that was produced to compliment the track. This video lead to the creation of #PopPunkInColor which has since become part of the bands message and has been used my alternative BIPOC across the internet - not bad for a 60-second song!

The EP has a perfect blend all of the much loved aspects of pop-punk bands like The Story So Far, State Champs, and Four Year Strong, but is still able to hold its own. Tracks 'Poser' and 'Tuck' especially scream 2010's Warped Tour era, so if you're a hardcore pop-punk fan you will feel right at home with this EP. The guitars on these two tracks in particular are something else and are part of the reason why Action/Adventure are ones to watch, because wow... just wow.

Lead vocalist Blake Evaristo has an amazing tone to his voice that is addicting to listen to as it is doused in emotion. Action/Adventure as a whole are able to switch things up to fit the lyrics/message of the song, something that comes through in the title track 'Pulling Focus' (which has some iconic drums by Adrian Brown). All of this together makes the EP one you can listen to over and over without getting bored, making it perfect for summer pop-punk vibes.

Action/Adventure stand out for more than the diversity of the band, although that is something we love to see, but because of their immense talent. To be able to create an EP that includes songs about issues of race, alongside songs about the pains growing up is a difficult task to take on without being concerned about alienating certain members of your audience.

'Pulling Focus' is a testament of what it is to be true to yourself, and to create the music you want to despite being surrounded by people who will tell you not to.

Some may say pop-punk was dead, but bands like Action/Adventure have just reawakened it, but this time with more diverse faces at the forefront.

'Pulling Focus' is out now and is available here:

Check out the video for 'Poser' below:


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