• Charlotte Hardman


Hanging out at the skatepark with your friends, listening to great music; deciding to try making some of your own; and ending up with your tracks premiering on BBC Radio 1 while you prepare to tour the country with one of the scene's best new talents. It's the stuff of teenage daydreams - but for Worthing-born trio NOISY, this their reality!

Following the release of their debut EP 'Press Space To Play' earlier this year, the band received an invitation to perform at Abbey Road studios, were also invited to join YungBlud on his UK tour this spring. Looking for a reason why? Their latest single, 'Put A Record On' is a pretty good indication!

Speaking about the track, and it's accompanying video, singer Cody explained: "our aim was to capture the feeling of the relief music can have on someone’s life, despite any ups and downs, you can always lose yourself in a song”

Headlined by a big, pounding bass, the pumping hip hop beats rumble away in the track's foundations, laying the groundwork for the lyrics in the verses, which are woven together with an intoxicating flow. This is a song simply built for partying: the upswing into the fist-pumping, indie-fused choruses highlights the band's appreciation for genre-fusing and boundary-blending, making them a blend of fresh air in an arguably suffocated indie-pop scene. Heading into the finale, the crowd of claps into the final chorus builds the atmosphere to a roof-raising dance-rock rabble- now where's the dancefloor?

Check out the video for 'Put A Record On' here:

NOISY will be supporting YungBlud on his UK tour this Spring - dates can be found below and tickets are available here:


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