• Sadie Maude


New York pop-rock legends State Champs are releasing their latest acoustic EP 'Unplugged' on the 14th of August! The EP is dropping just in time for their 10-year anniversary and it is a reflective listen that celebrates their diversity as a band.

After a seemingly endless two-year wait since their last release, this EP has come at a great time. Featuring four brand new tracks as well as putting a twist on two favourites from 'Living Proof', it is safe to say State Champs have outdone themselves!

The EP begins with brand new track 'A Thousand Hearts'. The delicacy of this song is just absolutely beautiful, it draws you in instantly! From the very first note being sung it is immediately recognisable as State Champs, and it only goes up from there! The incorporation of a small horn section in the bridge adds a completely unexpected (but very much welcomed) flare to a traditionally acoustic song. You can always rely on State Champs to jazz it up a bit!

A definite stand-out track on 'Unplugged' has to be 'The Recipe'. Derek DiScanio’s melodic vocals ripple beautifully throughout the song and radiate a softness rarely heard from State Champs. As far as new material goes, this song really sets the bar high.

'10AM' offers an alternative twist on a traditional acoustic sound. It is a mellow song about questioning your worth in a relationship – a message that is shrouded by the feel-good sound. When asked about the song, frontman Derek felt that it is potentially the most experimental song they have ever written and recorded!

Following the same kind of trend, 'Crying Out Loud' is quite an emotionally heavy track about loneliness and moving on post breakup, yet with an upbeat twist. This makes it an even more solid track and adds to the overall tone of the EP, making it closer to the State Champs we are familiar with.

The EP comes to a close with acoustic re-releases of 'Criminal' and 'Dead & Gone'. It can sometimes be risky to release acoustic versions of songs, but not in this case. These tracks have a light feeling to them and offer a warm familiarity. The guitar is bright and lively in both songs making them inevitably uplifting songs to end on. It is refreshing to hear songs such as these slowed down and it enables you to develop a whole new appreciation for them.

'Unplugged' really showcases State Champs' impeccable ability to slow it down and shows they are capable of more than just being high energy pop rockers! With such high quality new material it is hard not to be excited for the next album!

State Champs' new EP 'Unplugged' is out on 14th August via Pure Noise Records:

Check out the video for the lead single, '10AM' here:


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