• Sadie Maude


They have shared stages with the likes of The Dangerous Summer and Hot Mulligan, but today is their day to shine: indie-rock poptimist band Pollyanna's latest EP 'Sugar Coat' is out today!

Front-woman Jill Beckett said: "'Sugar Coat' is a collection of songs we have written over the course of 2 years and while the songs were mostly written at completely different times, they all have one common theme: that we constantly sugar coat our words and feelings to seem sane enough in society’s standards.

“We as human beings have such a difficult time telling the embarrassing and ugly truth of how we truly feel because we are afraid to lose people or our ‘dignity’”.

'Sugar Coat' gets off to an upbeat start with the opening song 'Don’t Stay, Don’t Go'. Despite it's subject matter of being addicted to meaningless physical connections to distract you from emotional pain, Jill’s striking vocals make it an eye-catching opener, adding to that classic, chill indie vibe that Pollyanna radiate. This continues in to 'I Promise, I’m Lying', with its bouncy pace and light, summery vibe which is a great pick-me-up during these dreary winter months!

'IDKY (Feat. Ophelia Booth)' slows down the pace slightly, offering a small breather at the mid-point of the EP, contrasting with the punchier, sassier sound of 'Good For You'. It is a feel-good track with really mesmerising vocals that instantly engage you with the music; what more could you ask for?!

Closing the EP is 'Never Know', a song about letting go of a situation and someone you never had a chance to be with. It is a calming acoustic song with delicate vocals that are absolutely dripping with emotion. The lyrics are relatable and poignant, making it a head-turning one to end on!

'Sugar Coat' explores the different realms of indie music, and Pollyanna perform them in an engaging yet perenially fun way. It reflects on some of the lows you experience in life, while also motivating you to move forward and be the best version of yourself.

'Sugar Coat' is out now - stream the record here:

Check out the video for Pollyanna's latest single, "Don't Stay, Don't Go", below:


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