• Sadie Maude


Bristol based pop-rock band Superlove are releasing their debut self-titled EP on the 13th of November!

The EP aims to bring positivity to people’s lives and provide a form of escapism in these difficult times. The band’s singer Jacob Rice said: “We’ve been so excited for the release of this EP for so long now. We finished recording the songs over a year ago so it honestly feels good to finally say it’s coming out.”

The EP begins with "I Love It". Its exciting intro perks your ears up immediately and leaves you raring to press on with the rest of the songs. It is full of an addictive energy and swagger, which continues in to electrifying pop track "Life Is Great".

"THINK ABT U" is a particularly iconic track on the EP. It is full of twists and turns, going from the heavy riffs in the intro, to the soft vocals and bouncy vibe heard in the remainder of the song. If you close your eyes you can just imagine this song being belted out on festival stages, making the nostalgia of past live music even more prominent.

The pace is slowed down drastically with "Bruce", showing a completely new side to Superlove. It is nicely stripped back and shows off Rice’s impressive vocal range, making for quite a soothing listen before closing on the explosive "Untouchable".

"Superlove" is out on the 13th of November via Rude Records.

Check out the video for their latest single "Untouchable" here:


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