• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER REVIEWS: The Bastards - Palaye Royale

After the success of both sides of Boom Boom Room, modern rock n rollers Palaye Royale has only been growing in their individual style and talent as well as their fanbase. Whilst this year of 2020 has been strange, to say the least for musicians, the trio have been working hard on their next release, The Bastards. Having performed some of their songs on their recent tour, people were able to hear a sample of what was to come, so as all the songs are to be heard by all soon, does it still hold up to their previous efforts?

That and more! It’s an evolution of what their sound is, but also keeping up the consistent level that Palaye Royale was known for. Beginning with “Little Bastards”, apparently written just before the album should have been mixed and mastered, and ending with “Redeemer”, there is so much beauty and thoughtful music and lyrics worked together, as well as brilliant takes on different themes and topics. “Massacre, The New American Dream” discusses the problematic gun violence America is dealing with, especially with the lyric, “Generation Y, Generation why are we, why are we so casual ‘bout these casualties?”. “Anxiety” is interesting to get into, as although it has a lot more electronic elements within it, that theme of anxiety runs through and it’s felt within the listener as the song plays. Speaking of the music, there are some brilliant elements, like the guitar solo at the end of “Little Bastards”, as it all reflects whatever the lyrics want to discuss. For example, “Lonely” is a haunting look at depression and substance abuse surrounded by instrumentation that adds to that lonely feeling, whilst “Nervous Breakdown” is harsh and punky with a stunning mix of lyrics and vocals. 

“Hang On To Yourself” is a great song as well, especially the build within the chorus. The bass line in “Nightmares” is reminiscent of Cream’s “Sunshine Of Your Love”, whilst the song “Doom (Empty)” takes on a style similar to Black Sabbath, showing the band take on inspiration from some of rock’s greatest as well as developing that sound into their own. The final track, “Redeemer”, is a beautiful and heartbreaking end to the album, is stunning to listen to. In fact, every track has their own elements that work fantastically together as well as within an album together. 

Overall, Palaye Royale has delivered with another amazing album, showing that the Boom Boom Room saga wasn’t just a fluke. This band are the real deal; proper musicians with thought and meaning behind what they write and knowing how to deliver those messages to their audience and beyond. It’s definitely an exciting time to be in as a music fan as Palaye Royale continue to put their own spin on typical music standards and continue pushing what is to be expected from those who desire to rock. Only the best can come from these guys, evident by this album, so watch in anticipation to what their next chapter will bring!

The Bastards is out 29th May!