• Sadie Maude


Parisian indie-folk trio Oracle Sisters have just released their latest single 'The Dandelion'!

The single is accompanied by a music video in which the band guides you through the gothic moods and noire spirit of Paris, making for an incredibly aesthetically pleasing watch.

'The Dandelion' is filled with floaty chords that enable you to get lost in this Parisian fantasy. The simplicity of the lyrics paired with the artsy video make you feel hazy and create a dreamlike atmosphere.

Speaking on the track, the band say: “The song is inspired by Chet Baker’s singing with a sort of disco back beat behind it.”

'The Dandelion' is the first taste of the Oracle Sisters’ upcoming EP, “Paris II”, which is scheduled for release in spring 2021.

Check out the video for 'The Dandelion' for yourself here:

Oracle Sisters' most recent EP, 'Paris 1', is out now and available to stream here:


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