• Sadie Maude


Australian trio the DMA’S are set to release their third studio album ‘The Glow’ on 10th July. It is a fun, dynamic album filled with their notoriously anthemic sound. Each track offers a different side to the DMA’S and leaves the listener on an inevitable high!

‘The Glow’ opens up with ‘Never Before’ which sets an instantly light-hearted tone for the rest of the album. The bright music and airy vocals give it an almost weightless feel combined with its modern alt-pop flair. Title track ‘The Glow’ keeps this momentum going with its joyous, summery energy. This is the kind of song you want blasting outside on a hot day, it is inescapably uplifting!

Continuing this feel good energy is ‘Silver’, a chilled out track with effortless vocals. It expands the scale of the DMA’S' sound so far on this album making for a more varied listen.

Following this is the groovy ‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’. This was the second single to be released on the album and it really showcases Tommy’s euphoric vocals. Inspired by the 90's rave scenes, this is a song about humanity struggling to be adaptable as creatures who are fundamentally resistant to change.

Slowing down the pace yet again is ‘Criminals’. The melodic, heartfelt vocals paired with the mellow music makes for a really chilled out listen. However, the alt pop sparks reappear in the chorus reminding you of the DMA’S' classic sound!

Musically this is a really strong album, and one that draws on all of the DMA’S' strengths. Even down to the addictive drum beat in ‘Strangers’, it is hard not to enjoy these tracks. You can’t help but want to tap your foot along with it!

The delicacy of ‘Learning Alive’ is a nice break from the energy heard so far. Tommy’s vocals are packed with emotion and this feeling is ramped up by the stirring string section. The DMA’S really are dabbling with everything in this album, and it works!

‘Cobracaine’ ends the album and it is a celebration of all that the band can be. Its almost trance-like beat captures your attention from the start and keeps you hooked until the very last note. It is a euphoric end to the album and is the perfect embodiment of the DMA’S and all they have to offer.

'The Glow' is due for release on the 10th of July.

Check out the video for their latest single, 'Criminals', below:


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