• Sadie Maude

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'The River' - Zombie Sundae

NYC based pop-punk-meets-emo band Zombie Sundae are releasing their latest single 'The River' on 18th December!

This is their second single release of the year - following on from this summer's 'Backup Kitty' - meaning Zombie Sundae are definitely making the most out of the poor situation that is 2020!

'The River' has a thumping introduction which remains a strong stand-out feature throughout the track. The crashing of the cymbals creates a cacophonous chorus, leaving absolutely no room for breath. It is a song with a lot going on, and it is sure to get your heart racing!

If this new offering is anything to go by, you'd be mad not to keep your eyes peeled for more from Zombie Sundae!

Check out the video for 'The River' for yourself below:

Stream 'The River' on Spotify here too:


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/ZombieSundaeNYC

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