• Simone Barton

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Vampire' - Saint Agnes

Four-piece band Saint Agnes started 2020 on high, with countless gigs and festival appearances. Despite all the national lockdowns the band didn’t let their creativity stall, instead they channeled their energy into mini-album ‘Vampire’.

What stands out in this album is the world that is so effectively built, which is solidated further in the music video for the lead single for the album, also named 'Vampire'. This world building and storytelling adds fantasy to the tracks without taking away from the the lyrics and some of the relatable themes within the album.

Something that is done so beautifully in ‘Vampire’ is the way the band have transferred the insane energy from their live performances, into a record. ‘Repent’ starts off the mini-album in a way that just makes you want to open a mosh pit in your own house whilst shouting the chorus at the top of your lungs. It also features high-powered riffs that are truly out of this world, with skilled distortion that’ll leave you picking your jaw up off the floor. The jaw dropping instrumentals are reoccurring throughout the album, so prepare yourself.

The cover of Grindeman's ‘No Pussy Blues’ is another track that will leave you longing for the feeling of see a band live whilst cramped against a bunch of strangers in a sweaty dive bar. Originally part of the bands 'The Quarantine Diaries' series it holds its own, and seamlessly fits in amongst the original songs. It as if this track was made for Saint Agnes, as the vocals by Kitty A Austen matches the overtly 'masculine' energy the original track oozes. To put it simply, this cover radiates badass energy.

Exclusive to the CD and vinyl releases of the mini-album are several ‘psalms’. These add darkness and mystery to the album, as well as just being the band going the extra mile and providing something unique for the fans who support them. Each ‘psalm’ is different, but all have the same creepy vibe to them, which fit into the Saint Agnes world.

‘Vampire’ in its entirety is all about the experience, and the one of a kind journey that Saint Agnes takes you on is expertly crafted and overflows with passion.

'Vampire' is out on the 26th of March - pre-order the mini-album here:

Check out the video for 'Repent' below:

Saint Agnes have announced a 2021 UK tour. Catch them live at the dates below, tickets for which are available here:


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