• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER REVIEWS: '(We Used To Talk For) Hours' - Branch to Root

Grunge-influenced alt rockers Branch to Root have a penchant for writing immersive tracks you can totally lose yourself in. Their latest EP 'Jamais Vu', released late last year, is a testament to that, packing haunting imagery, evocative melodies and introspective lyricism into just four tracks.

Now, the highly anticipated follow-up is here in the form of the band's new single, '(We Used To Talk For) Hours'. Delectably melancholy, the song pulses with an anthemic energy which beats away at its heart, as the harmonising in the bridge builds a sense of anthemic grandeur. Yet there is also something powerfully understated about this track that give it a sense of intimacy. It takes bravery to take such a blossoming track and keep it bridled at such a consistent pace, but that is a tribute to the band's deliberate nature as craftsmen, and the result is a resonant, sky-gazing lighter-waver of a melody.

Speaking about '...Hours', vocalist Stephen McGinty reflects on how it came into being: "I had been off work due to stress/anxiety for a couple of months at the end of 2019. One afternoon I managed to muster up the will power to try and put how I was feeling down on paper. When I was feeling better and more myself I revisited the song and really wanted to sculpt it into a full band track.

"It's sort of a conversation between different versions of me. The version who spent hours lying on a couch staring at the walls and the person I was before and after that episode.

"'...Hours' is me trying to accept myself more at my low points, not just my high points."

Check out the video for '(We Used To Talk For) Hours' below:

Branch to Root's latest EP, 'Jamais Vu' is out now - stream the album here:


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