• Sadie Maude

LOUDER REVIEWS: 'Who Am I?' - Pale Waves

Following the release of their epic comeback single 'Change', indie-pop band Pale Waves are releasing their upcoming album 'Who Am I?' this Friday, the 12th of February!

The album acts as a Pale Waves manifesto, inspiring inclusivity, self-discovery, and being whoever you want to be. Frontwoman Heather Baron-Gracie’s song writing on 'Who Am I?' reflects on her own depression, distraction and feelings of darkness, as well as her experience of falling in love and emerging with newfound clarity and optimism. It has allowed her to be more open about her sexuality and step forward as the kind of frontwoman she couldn’t see when she was growing up.

Pale Waves dive right in with iconic single 'Change'. This is the kind of song that you want to sing at the top of your voice for everyone to hear! The chorus is undeniably cathartic and reflects on struggling to get over someone and regretting every time you go back to them. It is a relatable song and one that empowers you to do the best thing for yourself.

Following track 'Fall To Pieces' is my personal favourite track on this album. The catchy, foot-tapping beat just makes you want to play this song on repeat! A similar sound is carried on in to 'She’s My Religion', both of which really accentuate Heather’s incredible vocals. 'She’s My Religion' is a deeply personal single for Heather and strives to represent same-sex relationships between women in their true form without hiding behind the cliches of oversexualisation or playful experimentation.

'Easy' is about how falling in love changes your perspective on life and the bliss that comes along with being in a loving relationship. It is a light, airy song filled to the brim with positivity, making you feel all warm inside! This bright, summery tone is carried through to later tracks like 'Run To'.

As if this album wasn’t liberating enough already, it ramps up a level with 'You Don’t Own Me'. This is the ultimate feminist empowerment track about being true to yourself and ignoring the rules and expectations of society, get ready to turn it up to full blast and dance around your room!

Closing title-track 'Who Am I?' sends you out on a slightly mundane note. The serious lyrics and poignant vocals reiterate the deeper meaning to the song, giving it a significantly different tone to the rest of the album. Nevertheless, Pale Waves continue to provide songs that not only sound great, but that have fantastic messages about finding yourself and being in love. This album puts things into perspective and really makes you feel good!

'Who Am I?' is due for release on the 12th of February via Dirty Hit - pre-order the record here:

Check out the video for 'Easy' below too:

Pale Waves have also just announced new tour dates for early 2022- dates are below and tickets will be available from 9am on the 12th of February:


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