• Naomi Sanders

LOUDER WITH: Hands Off Gretel

Photo Credit: Stuart Rowles

There’s been an ever growing sound of grunge and alt rock here in the UK, as the nostalgia wave of the 90s sound has made its way over the pond and inspired many musicians alike. One such band building upon that sound is Yorkshire group, Hands Off Gretel, having charmed music fans from every and all genres with their 2 albums and latest EP, The Angry EP. Their tour promoting the release got cut short due to the pandemic, but they’re back on the road and delivering their style to every corner of the country. On this tour, we managed to catch the band and chat with them about their music, both in and outside of the band, and...Premier Inns, according to drummer, Sam Hobbins

“That’s my favourite thing about touring!” He said with a smile. “It’s just the best thing, they have their nice homely feeling! But it’s also nice to see people and see them having a good time.” Vocalist and guitarist, Lauren Tate agreed, adding “When you perform and you see people, all the new faces, singing our songs. That's something that you can't get obviously, anywhere else.” Becky Baldwin, bassist of the band, also added about the joy of travelling around the country, stating “travelling around and again, meeting new people, but also seeing new places new venues in like, just like, I don't know, you feel like you're checking it all off a little list of things that you wanted to do, like play different venues and stuff like this. And it just feels cool, I like the routine of touring as well. I feel very lost when I'm not doing it.”

Starting out in 2015 with Lauren and her guitar, the group built off her love for bands like Nirvana and Alice In Chains to create the music she wanted to make. I just want it to be everything that kind of no one expected me to do. Everyone expected me to do like, pop, musicals, blues styles of music. I knew I wanted to be in a band, because of my inspirations. At first it was myself and Sean [Bon, guitarist], we already knew Sam, asked him to play bass and he was our bassist for a couple of gigs. Then Sam moved to drums and we met Becky, who joined us on bass. Now it’s practically like family.”

Like a family with musical talent bursting from the seams, some members have more than one musical project aside from Hands Off Gretel; Lauren with her punk/hip-hop alter ego, Delilah Bon, and Becky with her other band, heavy metal foursome, Fury. So how do the members balance this band and their other musical projects? “Planning ahead.” Lauren stated. “You've got to plan ahead. Like I'm just always so busy anyway. I'm busy all the time. But I like being busy. It's not the thing to promote, that people are always busy. I like having both, it gives me a break from one to focus on the other because sometimes you focus too much on one thing”

As the band’s fan base grows far and wide, so does the possibility of places to tour. So, where would these four like to go, if possible? “I think America is a very big one.” Lauren answered. “To conquer is like whereabouts in America. It's so big but America is on the list. A lot of fans have been asking but it's just trying to find where they all are like, you know, they may be in one state and aware of the safety play.” She also added that France and Spain would be nice places to play, though Sam pointed out the heat of the countries mentioned as a negative point. Sean suggested Japan as a desire of his, though the general consensus was to follow where the fans are, once they’re able to.

Until then, what next? The group has been performing a new song, “War” whilst on tour, so they are constantly creating and ready to take their music anywhere. “You get the audience's reaction.” Becky commented “It's just, in a word affirming. You get back to that. It's like yes, that this is a good direction. Everybody seems to be bobbing their head so far when they hear it, so it seems to be a good sign!” From the reactions at their shows so far, it’s already becoming a firm favourite for fans and those attending alike. It definitely shows that the band are continuously doing something right with their music, and that’s something the music world likes to see.

The Angry EP is OUT NOW

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