• Charlotte Hardman

Louder with In The Cards

Soaring vocal lines, swinging hooks, and resonant melodies have already earmarked Stoke-based quartet In The Cards as darlings of their local scene- and with a new EP, 'The Path' in the offing, and several major support slots already under their belts, they are set to make their mark on many more hearts yet. We caught up with the band to discuss their upcoming record, go behind the scenes on their music video shoot, and get a glimpse of the music yet to come...

You have recently released your new single ‘Disguise’, with its accompanying video- how have you found people’s responses to that track so far?

We have been overwhelmed with the reception that Disguise has had so far. It had been over a year since we last released any music so it was great to receive such a positive response!

The visuals in the video are mesmerising- what was it like behind the scenes of that shoot (especially with all that smoke!)

Our video shoot days are always incredibly fun, hectic and long! There was a lot of time spent programming the lights to behave in certain ways for each section of the song to elevate the music. We always aim to create something with a strong visual impact for our music videos and this was our first time experimenting with lighting in this way. A huge shout out to our good friends Adam and Rich of Purpleyam Productions who turn our ideas into reality!

Sonically, the song hinges on those soaring vocal lines- was that sense of ethereal grandeur something you intentionally wanted to create with this record?

Disguise was the last song we wrote for the EP so when the time came to actually record the EP it was still quite fresh and raw. It was during the recording process that a lot of the more creative elements of the song began to take form. We experimented a lot with different vocal lines/arrangements until we were happy with the result.

Is ‘Disguise’ a good preview of what people can expect from the EP? If you could sum it up in a single sentence, how would you characterise the record?

In some respects yes. Each song has its own character and are in many ways very different from each other, but each plays its own part to the whole story.

The Path represents our journey as a band and this journey is reflected in the music.

There are a bundle of bands who fall into similar musical circles to you, for example Courage My Love and Against the Current - what signifies you guys as being unique from them, and is it nice having a community of bands like that to be a part of?

The four of us all come from really contrasting musical backgrounds so everyone’s ideas all contribute to the music in their own unique way, which we feel creates a unique sound overall. We’re really proud to be a part of a musical community that’s thriving so strongly at the moment, and flying the flag for female fronted rock music.

You have supported some big names in the rock scene already- who was your favourite band to play with? Can you give us an insight into what playing with the likes of Creeper and Mallory Knox was like?

We’ve played with Mallory Knox a couple of times and always the show has been unreal! The first time we were a lot younger and meeting them at that time in their career was hugely inspirational for us as a young band cutting our teeth. Creeper were really cool, such nice guys! That was also a hometown show so that was amazing for us.

What’s next on the horizon for you then in the lead up to the EP? Any plans for a full tour following the record?

We have a short tour coming up in October alongside the awesome Breather, then following that we have our EP release show on the 31st October. There have also been talks of another tour towards the end of the year and we have bunch of support and headline shows in various cities in the coming months. All our live dates can be found on our social media!

'The Path' is due for release on October 25th.

'Disguise' is out now- check out the aforementioned video for the track below:


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