• Charlotte Hardman

LOUDER WITH: Lizzy Farrall

How does it feel to finally be releasing your debut full-length record?

It’s a mix of emotions, I’m super excited to finally release something I’ve worked so hard on & day on for over a year but also I’m extremely nervous! 

After releasing several EPs, why did you think now would be the right time to pool all your talents into a full-length album?

I’ve released two eps so far & it felt like a natural progression to do my debut album. I’ve had the concept of this album planned for many years so I don’t think I could of sat on this any longer. 

Several of the tracks on this record, like ‘Love No More’ and ‘Gas Lighting’, tackle issues of heartbreak and toxicity in relationships, as well as mental health on tracks like ‘Yellow Paint’- how important is it for young people listening to your music to be exposed to these kinds of messages? Do you ever have reservations about being so vulnerable with your listeners?

I think it’s important as so many people go through such similar situations within their life, I feel it helps to feel less alone & hope it brings more awareness to these issues. 

Yeah I do worry that maybe I am being to open at times but also writing music/lyrics has always been a big coping mechanism for me to deal with my emotions, so to be vulnerable in these situations helps me as maybe I’m not enough in my day to day life. 

Much of the record was recorded in the States- how was that experience compared to recording with UK producers? The big, electronic elements on tracks like ‘Gas Lighting’ are so powerful!

I picked the states because of Brett Romnes (produced & engineered the album) I went out to the states May of 2018 to do a little writing sessions where we recorded ” Make Up Sex”. Brett and I just jelled so well, I fell in love with the studio (Barbershop Studios) & Brett is just so supportive, he pushed me out my comfort zone & just completely got & believed in my ideas & I felt like I just hadn’t clicked like that with other producers before. Recording in a country I hadn’t spent much time in & surroundings which where so unlike home to me was exciting & I really think it pushed me to want to do something different. It made me uncomfortable but in a good & challenging way which I felt never really happened recording in the U.K. 

Those electronic elements give the record a real cinematic feel- if you could write the soundtrack to any film, which film would you choose?

I’m a big fan of crime drama films & tv shows so it differently have to be Baby Driver. 

Speaking of cinematography, the imagery used in all the record’s accompanying material is stunning, in particular the motif of the white rabbit mask, which appears throughout your accompanying materials- why did you choose that as a symbol?

The white rabbit mask is a ambiguous symbol, evoking the idea of an other-worldly guiding figure - like the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland or Frank from Donnie Darko - while also being a more personal metaphor for a journey of rebirth. 

While we’re all so excited to hear these tracks live, for now that has been put on hold by the coronavirus outbreak- what does this pandemic mean for the industry as a whole? What can people do to help support their favourite bands?

Stream their music and share it on social media platforms , not only does it make bands a bit of money but it also massively helps with their online presence which is gonna be something that all bands are gonna be relying on in this time. 

In times like these, does it force you to reflect on your own music? Has music and performing changed anything about how you view the society around you?

I'm forced to reflect as my tours, friends tours have all been cancelled,  it really makes you see what a lifeline music is to so many & times of isolation we use music to fill our mind & our day.  It’s really shown me how much I need music & how much of it is a part of me & my life because in times like this it removes all the other noise. 

'Bruise' is out now via Pure Noise Records.

Check out the video for 'Addict' below: