• Charlotte Claber

LOUDER WITH: Mouth Culture

Hey there, how’re you doing? We're good thanks! Keeping as busy as possible while we can't be on the road. It's a weird time for musicians at the minute, it's usually such a social lifestyle, you're out meeting new people all the time and playing shows. It's a bit suffocating that it's all been confined to a screen for the time being.  So you’ve released your latest single “Say It In Reverse”, can you talk us through this track a little bit more? say it in reverse, is an anthem of frustration. It talks about failing relationships and bitterness, how self destructive personalities can ruin something good. The song at its core is about a relationship filled with toxicity, you both want to love each other, but you get too caught up in the petty shit.  But it's a sing-along, so like, enjoy it when you listen.  The song focuses on toxic relationships, how was this for you to write about? Sometimes it can be hard to be open with your feelings. But writing it down in a song is always easier than talking about it. It's all inspired by personal experience. Most of our lyrics come about that way, rather than trying to find some bullshit narrative that doesn't mean anything to anyone. The juxtaposition between upbeat music and dark lyrics is something we try to play with a lot, which really shows on our new stuff. It sorta brings light into the dark in some weird way.  You’ve built a really great catalogue of singles so far, how do you think this one presents you as a band in comparison to your other tracks. Thank you! We're glad you enjoyed them.  As a band we're all constantly looking for new things to inspire us, and this filters through into our music. Because of that our releases so far have been pretty eclectic, stylistically. We love that, we don't want to churn out stuff that sounds the same all the time, we've got dozens of demo's in the locker that all still represent us as a band but they're all different in their own way. Going from riff-based rock to 80s inspired synth pop keeps us on our toes and keeps us experimenting. Basically, it's the same, but different.  So you guys are Leicester based, a scene that has presented bands like Easy Life and so many more, do you think you’re a product of the scene you’ve developed and grown in? We've all played in bands around Leicester since we were teenagers, most of them shitty grunge/metal bands, back then the scene was nowhere near as established as it is now. Growing up playing music around the city has definitely moulded us into the musicians we are now. Easy Life have kinda carved a path for bands to follow in, which is really cool. Our boys in Jools are killing it at the minute, love those dudes. The scene is growing all the time, it's only gonna get bigger and better.  Give us a reason people should check you guys out, right now. If you've read this far into the interview, give us a reason why you wouldn't? Get to know x

Mouth Culture's latest single, 'Say It In Reverse' is out now- check out the video below:

Mouth Culture will be touring the UK as support for both Chapter and Verse in July and Breather in October - dates for the Breather shows can be found below and tickets for both tours are available here.


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