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LOUDER WITH: Picturesque

There has been a 3 year gap between the release of your debut album, and your most recent release. What do you feel are the main differences between ‘Do You Feel O.K?’ and ‘Back To Beautiful’?

Kyle Hollis: Almost everything. We’ve grown a lot as people and artists. “Back to Beautiful” was a place in time album and so is this one. The songs on “Do You Feel O.K?” are about the everything since the events that BTB covered. So the feeling needed to be a bit different.

What is each members favourite track on the album, and why?

Zach Williamson: My favourite track of the album is Swipe. The riff was super creative and it was super fun working on that song lyrically.

Jade Castello: Glass House, because it was a strong departure from the rest of the record.

Jordan Greenway: O.K. because when I heard the lyrics on the demo it resonated with me in a way that the others didn’t. I feel like the song is quite a bit darker than the rest too.

Dylan Forrester: Say It Like You Mean It is my favourite track off of DYFO.K? because I felt it was the most different track on our album. It was soft without being soft, while still sticking true to our roots.

Kyle Hollis: O.K? is probably my favourite. It makes me feel like I’m walking half dead through a zombie apocalypse.

As a band, you like to refer to yourselves as ‘genreless’. Would you say that you strive to challenge typical genre conventions? Do you think this approach sets you apart from other bands?

Honestly, it wasn’t something we were really trying to do. We just wanted to write some bangers and didn’t care if they fell into a genre or not

Do you think you will embrace this genreless approach with your future releases or do you have a particular genre you want to explore deeper? What kind of songs do you enjoy writing the most? (in terms of genre)

As far as what we write, it will just be whatever were feeling. We’re not putting ourselves in a box. For me personally, the most fun one to write was probably Swipe and that has a lot of hip hop influences in it.

‘Do You Feel O.K?’ is a very innovative album with so many different sounds, how did you find the writing process? Did not limiting yourself to one specific genre make the writing easier, or did this make it more of a challenge?

I personally think it made it easier. We all have a bunch of ideas and nothing is off the table. So, we were able just pick the coolest ones and run with them. Really though, it definitely made the process more enjoyable.

Due to the current coronavirus situation many musicians have rescheduled the release of their albums and promotional tours are being cancelled. Did you have any worries/ second thoughts about releasing your album at this time?

Absolutely. Still a little worried that it won’t do the numbers it could have if people were still going to work / school and we were touring. I think that people aren’t listening to as much music right now because everyone listens when they are driving somewhere or working. BUTTT we’re ready for everyone to hear what we’ve created and its past due.

‘O.K?’ is one of the stand out tracks of the album and hits deep in relation to the band’s struggle with mental wellbeing. Do you feel it is important for musicians to open up about things like this? Why?

Not really. Taking on subjects like that isn’t for everyone or every band. I’d be pissed if Attila started dropping vulnerable sad boy music instead of music about partying and being pissed. Everyone deals with things differently and writing music is a bit of a coping mechanism

What advice would you give to people that are struggling with their mental health in the current situation?

Reach out to your friends and speak to people. Try to find a Mental Health professional.

Picturesque's latest record, ''Do You Feel O.K?', is out now via Rude Records/Equal Vision Records.

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