• Jase Smith

'Nella Vita' - Grayscale / Turned Up Louder

Few recent albums have captured my attention and ears as much as 'Nella Vita'. Opening with the intimate 'Just Right' and closing with the equally as intimate 'Tommy's Song', the whole album from start to finish sees Philadelphia pop-punkers Grayscale wear their hearts on their sleeves, tackling themes of sex, drugs, death and despair in the forms of danceable pop bangers, the occasional ballad, and pretty much everything in between.

Drawing on a huge range of influences, the five piece have crafted an album creative and catchy in all the best ways, and whether it's a pop punk and hip hop fused banger like 'Desert Queen', or the soft acoustic tones of 'Asbury', every song perfectly blends light and dark - facing heavy topics through the form of melodic bliss that brings goosebumps but also a strong urge to sing along and - as the single 'In Violet' so simply puts it - 'Dance the pain away'.

It's rare for an album to connect with me as much as I found this one doing, but the pure emotion that is simply flowing from 'Nella Vita' - Italian for 'In life' - creates a visceral reaction of all kinds of feelings. It is, fundamentally, a reflection of what it means to be alive - happiness and heartbreak. Grayscale aren't sugarcoating anything, but - unlike countless 'emo' bands - they aren't shying away from positivity either - and all of this taking shape as a selection of songs that are bound to be playing in your head for days - has definitely created something to so strongly be admired.


Check out the video for the band's latest single, 'Baby Blue', below:

You can also catch Grayscale touring the UK this October and November with Real Friends, if you fancy having a dance and cry yourself:


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