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Reason Define: The Future Band To Rule The World!

The rock quintet that are making an impact in the US talk about their experience within its industry.

Credit; Austin Spruill

Paolina. Shelby. Caitlin. Sydney. Savannah. Put these people together and they create the North Carolina rock band, Reason Define. With two albums under their belt, it’s not surprise that these five musicians a causing a stir across the USA in the positive way. But that’s not to say they haven’t seen their fair share of bumps in the road!

“Unfortunately, in our area, there are not many all women bands in our genre of music.” explain the band’s guitarist and bassist, Shelby McVicker and Caitlin Rutkowski, who both also own the graphic design company, To The Moon Design. “The more women in bands, the more it will be seen as normal instead of a commodity. That’s why we do what we do! We want it to be seen as normal that there is a band of all women.”

The band have faced the struggles that come with being women in the music industry, including the comparisons to other bands and artists, like Beartooth. “We understand that people like to make connections based on what they know, however, it’s when it is done in a degrading way that we have an issue. We don’t want to be told that we are “good for girls” or “good for a girl band” we want to be told that we are a good band. Period.”

Since starting the band, the group has seen better treatment in terms of being seen as a band and not just as their gender. But both Shelby and Caitlin say there is more to go in further improving the attitude within the community. “Women have been pitted against each other for so long in society. We want to befriend women in the music scene and create a community instead of creating a competition full of negativity.”

Credit: Austin Spruill

The band released their second album, In Memory…, in March 2019 and has seen success online with their music videos and touring across the country. “Writing In Memory... took everything we had. We wrote the album trying to cope with the grief that we were experiencing at the time. We were grieving lost friendships, lost loved ones, and even losing ourselves. In Memory... was our way of expressing all of those feelings and trying to heal. The reaction from everyone was, and still is, absolutely incredible. Every time someone tells us why a specific song means a lot to them it’s amazing. We love hearing everyone’s stories and how they connect to our story we told through In Memory...

“One of the best moments that we have experienced was at our album release show for In Memory...” they both continued to say. “We played “Mirrors” and everyone in the crowd was singing along and crying with us and it was such a bonding experience for everyone in the room. There was a real sense of family and camaraderie that we felt when we were writing, and it was so amazing to watch that translate to other people in real time.”

So, where can the band go now? “I would love to play in Seattle. Honestly, I just want us to play anywhere that we can. Getting to travel the world with my best friends is the best experience I could ever ask for.” Hopefully that means that a trip to perform across the Atlantic Ocean in on the cards for the future! The girls continued on to say “2020 we are coming in hot with some tour announcements and ~hopefully~ getting some new music out!”

Credit: Austin Spruill

In Memory... is OUT NOW!

Thanks Austin Spruill for the photos - check out his photography website here: https://asdesignandcreative.com

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