• Charlotte Claber

Stray From The Path, The Devil Wears Prada and more / Louder Live

Kicking off another sold out show on tour, hailing from Alabama; Gideon take to the

stage with their thrashing roots. Taking inspiration from the hardcore that has paved the way for bands like this they kick in with Bite Down a track that sets the tone for the bands set. A slow start for the band, the crowd slowly warmed up and stepped up the rhythm of the show. WIth a guest appearance from Drew Dijorio from Stray From The Path and a feature with Erik Bickerstaffe of Loathe this was undoubtedly fierce set that pulled 90s hardcore back to speed. Definitely a band to watch in future.

Loathe roar onto stage; their cloak-and-dagger performance brings an energy like no other, flashes of red only to brighten the stage in odd moments this is a huge step up for the band from their previous tours. This tour helps reign in a new era for Loathe, with their upcoming release through Sharpton the band start their set with the magnifying Aggressive Evolution a track that rings through. WIth the addition of New Faces in the Dark to their setlist, a lyrically hard hitting song but ethereal moment the band are flying up the rosters of british metal undeniably quickly.

Plucking songs from a 14 year catalogue isn’t an easy decision

but The Devil Wears Prada make it look easy, picking songs that best represent the band; they erupt with Switchblade from their latest album The Act and even drop in Dead Throne from 2011’s Dead Throne (if you hadn’t already guessed). With a catalogue that reflects growth even tracks like Dead Throne live become a new sound, a refined edition of an already great track. Their convulsive riffs become a fight with the crowd for a statement, bodies thrown across the crowd hell has broken loose and the crowd is ready for the entrance of Stray From The Path.

From lights down on the crowd, Stray From The Path are captivating, from the first riff from Fortune Teller there’s no room to breathe. A moment in time this is one to experience, crowd surfers flying from the word go, a burning passion thrives through Drew Dijorio, a live attitude shows he means every word he spits. Ripping through a setlist of absolute belters from The Opening Move to to Badge & A Bullet pt. II. Drew welcomes with open arms Kadeem France of Loathe on stage to nail Kickback and that went down a storm with the crowd. Flying through the set with no stop the band quickly exit the stage but with chants for one more, within the second the band are back and raring to go once again. Two special treats stand in this encore; first Badge & a Bullet with a Killing In The Name outro, the band playing a clear homage to the band who really paved the way for bands like Stray and Fever 333, Rage Against The Machine goes down a storm. One final ricochet, the crowd cries out for First World Problem Child with out a doubt a highlight of any Stray show when the crowd screams simultaneously “Every rich white kids got something to say; Shut The Fuck UP!” a cleansing moment for anyone needing to get something off their chest. Lingering side stage a mysterious figure steps forward, unveiling Sam Carter the crowd erupts ready for the presence of the Architects’ vocalist, a collaboration that has been a dream since it’s release in 2015, Carter seems to be making this a habit with the London crowd but a nice treat for the band as they finish their final grooves and thank the crowd. A face melting moment for anyone in the room, Stray From The Path fight through naysayers again to prove; they are the best around.