• Charlotte Claber

Survive Said The Prophet / Louder Live

Striding onto the stage with power for the final night of their run with As It Is, Survive Said The Prophet bring anticipation to a quickly filling room. The conclusion to their first full length tour opening for pop-rock heroes As It Is, the band captivate from the first note. Their bilingual fusion of pop-rock with metal influences parallels that of of As It Is’ latter releases creating a warmth and free atmosphere in the room. Kicking open with Translated it is quickly noticed that the crowd know the exact song and echo it back with strength. Flying into Fool’s Gold the band quickly introduce themselves but tonight is a rush for a final bow as part of Ben Langford-Biss’ final show with the headliner. The loudest response of the night came during The Happy Song, a clear crowd favourite that emitted passion from the front few rows. Smiles across the bands faces this is where they’d found a home in the UK scene. A band to watch in future, Survive Said The Prophet are an enigmatic band whose potential shines through. Photos by Charlotte Claber