• Sadie Maude

'The Path' - In the Cards / Turned Up Louder

Alternative Staffordshire four piece, In the Cards have just released their brand new EP, 'The Path'. After an adrenaline fuelled month on tour, the EP could not have come at a better time for the band. 'The Path' is unlike anything In the Cards have ever written before and represents a new chapter in their career, and an exciting one at that!

'The Path' is kick-started with the track, ‘Disguise’ which was released prior to the EP alongside a music video on September 6th. With messages about withholding feelings and hiding behind a disguise, this track really sets the tone for the rest of the EP. The simplicity of the musical side of the song draws the focus to Amy’s silvery vocals which are almost reminiscent of those of Evanescence’s, Amy Lee. The steady beat throughout accentuates the emergence of the bridge and a new layer is added with the incorporation of simultaneous vocals from guitarist, Danny Jones.

‘Disguise’ slowly fades out and the silence is broken by the thumping drums and driving guitar of ‘Define Me’. This song has slightly more intense vocals than the previous and these just intensify as the song progresses. This, alongside the ramping up of the drums towards the second chorus adds a whole new level of energy to the song, and draws attention to the rock influences of the band. The searing guitar picks up in the second half of the song bringing a whole new level of energy and draws the focus to the instrumental side of the track. Its safe to say this new energy leaves your heart pumping by the end and sets you up perfectly for the next track.

‘Thoughts Colliding’ leads you in to a false sense of security with its softer intro and silky vocals which soon erupt in to a violent guitar section. The intensity grows with the lyric “breathe with me”, and this is a theme that continues throughout the track. This, paired with the thumping bass-line, distracts from the initial delicacy of the song which is also rediscovered in the bridge. These changes in tone help to break up the song a bit and keep the listener guessing before diving back in to the crashing guitar and fierce vocals to round it off.

As with its predecessor, ‘Hope Not Wisdom’ begins with a much more mellow intro with an almost eerie tone to it. However, unlike the other tracks on The Path, the song does not take a dramatic turn to something heavier, instead the progression of the song is much more gradual and is in proportion to the initial softness of the intro. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means, because in some ways this makes the track stand out against the others and is the ideal conclusion to the explosive energy found earlier in the EP.

Overall, The Path is an exuberant start to In the Card’s new musical journey and demonstrates their diversity as a band. They’ve shown that they can do delicate while also dabbling with the heavier rock end of the spectrum. It is safe to say, this four piece are going places!

'The Path' is out now as a self-release.

Check out the video for the lead single from the record, 'Disguise', below:

The band have two shows remaining in support of 'The Path'- dates can be found below:

28th October - Manchester - Star & Garter w/Inklings 31st October  Stoke - The Underground (EP release show w/River Becomes Ocean, Kill The Ideal)


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