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Turn These Up Louder in 2020

Photo by Anthony DELANOIX on Unsplash

Charlotte Claber, Editor In Chief

Picking a band to keep an eye out for is always a battle, with the UK alone producing phenomenal tunes through bands like Static Dress, Chapter and Verse to name a couple identifying my one that I hold hope for is always an inner battle. 2019 had me choose Superlove, a band who really found their feet and now continue to grow into the new year. This year however I tip my hat to the other side of the pond, Australia. A country that's producing bands quicker than they win rugby titles even narrowing down between bands like Headstrong and Yours Truly was a struggle but ultimately I believe that The Beautiful Monument are a band that deserve to appear in the UK soon. The bands sophomore album I'm The Reaper hasn't translated across the ocean but hopefully we can see their name emerge in some form this year. With songs cascading like 'Deceiver' and 'Stay' it's a piece of art that needs to be recognised. An album full of cathartic moments, it has you ready to sit down and feel the beautiful pain intertwined in the lyricism and riffs. A truly beautiful moment.

Charlotte Hardman, Deputy Editor

It took until my final gig of the year, but, at long last, I managed to catch fresh-faced punks Wargasm live- and boy, were they worth the wait! With all the spitting grit of the genre’s first wave, but with a melodic edge that carries hints of indie influences in the guitar tones, anyone looking for a furious mosh pit alongside sing-along choruses- look no further! With only a couple of singles to their name, they are still very much in their infancy, but with tracks like the zesty ‘Post Modern Rhapsody’ already under their belts, the promise of more music coming on the horizon, and a slot already confirmed at the legendary Download Festival next summer, they are most definitely stars of tomorrow that you should keep your ears trained upon. Honourable Mentions: Fangclub, Survive Said The Prophet, Gold Bloom

Naomi Sanders, Deputy Editor

Reason Define: There’s a “reason” this band gets mentioned a lot (terrible pun but oh well lol); great lyrics, fantastic musicianship on display, and the powerhouse vocals from Paolina! There’s a lot more tricks up the sleeves of this band from North Carolina and it’s only a matter of time before they show the world and can break out of the US into the rest of the world. Two albums under their belt, numerous shows across the US this year, it’s worth hopping onto this train right now, because its next stop will be somewhere special!

Nathan Lagden, Contributor

Alien Weaponry: If you got up early on Saturday at Download this year, you may have caught this three-piece from New Zealand on the main stage. And they may well have blown your mind with how insane they are live. Fusing the most intense thrash metal with Maori influences from their homeland, they bring a refreshing twist to an established genre while never sacrificing what made it so great to begin with. Following the success of their debut album Tū in 2018, they have now entered the studio to work on a follow-up, as well as announcing some spots at European festivals over the summer.

Tom Lee, Photographer

After his 2018 release N/O/I/S/E, Ghostemane has released 2 singles and 3 EPs this year. Each EP has a completely different sound from the previous but they are all Ghostemane. Switching between hardcore, trap, acoustic and black metal like its nothing, he never fails to impress me. His next work is expected to drop in 2020 and honestly i have no idea what to expect other than something raw and visceral. 

Sadie Maude, Contributor

My band to watch for 2020 has to be Sea Girls. Despite only discovering them a couple of weeks ago I am already OBSESSED! After binge listening to them on iTunes I am officially hooked. They seem to have just appeared out of nowhere and thankfully they’re starting to get the recognition they deserve! Their songs are catchy and are perfect dancing around your bedroom material. With exciting, sold out performances lined up next year I’m expecting big things from this four piece!