• Charlotte Claber

'You Got Me Fucked Up' - Deez Nuts / Turned Up Louder

Deez Nuts are back with their sixth album as a group. As a whole this album is crucial to the bands evolution, opening with Singalong the band exude energy and the track is bound to be a live spectacle. Vocals from JJ Peters are more refined than previous releases but they demonstrate a growth. The track hones in on the bands previous strength but adds a more melodic backing that shows what’s to come from the new era. Thrashing guitars are toned down for both this and title track You Got Me Fucked Up, a track that really makes an impact. A sanguine song creates an exasperate force lyrically and musically, one that elevates the tracks impact.

Crooked Smile brings back those Deez Nuts lines fans love, with the echo chants. The track brings singing to the album and a softer vocal, a fresh change. It’s safe to say as an album Deez Nuts have infused the best of their older releases with a new chapter. A refreshing sound for the band. You Gotta Feel Me falls a little flat compared to the songs it follows, the track lacks a punch. That being said, it still flows well and bridges Crooked Smile to On Some Shit where the punch comes flying back reminding us Deez Nuts are still thriving. A bouncy bass line keeps the pace up and reigns in the track to keep a continuous flow.

DTDFL4EVA captures with a trumpet opening, a build up to a statement and a statement the track is. Guitars build and lead into a hard hitting breakdown with unclean vocals that reminisce of the ‘Stay True’ era for the band. A song that rings true and is triumphant. With a name like Fools Gold it’s got a lot to live up to in song history, snares crash in with riffs ringing. Fools Gold makes a statement and kicks the pace back up to a new notch, a two-step song at its finest, a killer track with fire. A stand out on the album, the track is as feel good as hardcore can get, a vibe that has you wanting to dance, Deez Nuts have GOT to have this in the live set list. Axe To Grind is true Deez Nuts nostalgia, a pit track with thrashing chords and a thriving bass line. Half time on the track builds up to a filthy drop for the piece. Get A Grip is the penultimate track, the build up to the end is a track that demonstrates the best of the bands musical growth, not as heavy as their typical hardcore roots the band have still managed to create a stinger.

Bitterest End really is the bitter end to what is a brilliant album from the Australian hardcore legends. Bitter for only one reason: how short the album is. Just under 30 minutes the album is a quick listen but any fan of the band would have certainly taken longer from the group.